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Where Paint

Is Our Passion

Welcome to Fresh Coating

We are painting professionals with 17+ years of experience.

Our business has been up and successfully running for the last 7 years.

We service the Florida Panhandle from Pensacola to Panama City.

We also serve the tristate area of NYC & NJ. 

Vincent V, NYC

We needed painters for a 200+ room renovation at the Roxy Hotel. The painters needed to do a large volume of work within a very small window of time. Room availability

is extremely important.

They went above and beyond to stay on schedule. They stayed long hours, and put extra men on the job. All the rooms opened on time and received a high quality paint job. These painters are miracle workers.

Thanks guys!

William D, FL

The experience was absolutely amazing. Such high quality of customer service. Made me feel very comfortable and no pressure. They provided me with great attention to the details that mattered to me. Fresh Coating is a high level professionalism amazing work for an amazing price. They beat pricing from everyone else while providing amazing work. What is most important to me is cleanness and care, That is what they showed me. From start to finish very happy very satisfied. I recommended Fresh Coating for anyone. It truly better to hire a professional painted then doing it yourself.
I am designer who has used Fresh Coating to paint many of my jobs and they always do an excellent job. They show up when they are supposed to and are extremely professional and easy to work with and you can tell by the job they do that they take pride in their work. I highly recommend them!

Ariella H, NJ

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